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Star Wars: Obi-Wan Star Wars: Obi-Wan XBox 3.9 stars Screenshots
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XBox games Obi-Wan, easily one of the most recognizable characters in the famous Star Wars saga, is the protagonist in this third-person adventure title for the *. Using the two analog sticks on the controller, players control Obi-Wan's movement and lightsaber independently of one another. In addition to possessing consummate skill with a lightsaber, Obi-Wan is imbued with a...
Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams XBox 4 stars Screenshots
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This is Konami's sequel to 1999's critically praised original Silent Hill, which was often noted for its deep storytelling, believable environments, and engrossing gameplay. Like the original PlayStation game, the *'s Silent Hill 2 is an interactive horror story built to derive its effectiveness from unsettling inconsistencies in an otherwise realistic, believable small-town setting. It is written...
Azurik: Rise of Perathia Azurik: Rise of Perathia XBox Screenshots
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In this third-person adventure title developed by Adrenium, players assume the role of Azurik, a young Lore Guardian who is tasked with restoring Perathia's elemental discs -- the source of the land's power. Shattered by the evil lord Balthazar, the discs will have to be reacquired before Azurik can stand up against the power of Balthazar. And ...
Fuzion Frenzy Fuzion Frenzy XBox 4.3 stars Screenshots
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In Fuzion Frenzy, players are required to compete in a variety of mini-games which test the endurance, skill, and reflexes of the competitors. Developed by Blitz Games, Fuzion Frenzy builds on the foundation set by earlier titles in the genre. Billed as a "futuristic street sport," Fuzion Frenzy pits up to four gamers against each other in over ...
Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee XBox 4.3 stars Screenshots
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This third release in the unique series of Oddworld adventure games adds a new dimension as it finds comes to a new platform. The fully-3D * rendition of the surrealistic Oddworld is populated by many strange creatures and contraptions, some familiar to veterans of earlier games and some never seen before. While previous protagonist Abe is a...
Space Ace Space Ace XBox Screenshots
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Like Dragon's Lair, A Fork in the Tale, and other contemporary releases from Digital Leisure, Space Ace is based on an earlier full-motion video laserdisc arcade game of the same name. Players interact with the cartoon movie by inputting quick "twitch" commands at key moments. The evil commander Borf has kidnapped Ace's girlfriend, the beautiful Kimberley, and is ...
Time Traveler Time Traveler XBox Box Set
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The dastardly Vulcor has kidnapped Princess Kyi-La and escaped away through the "Strings of Time." As the evil genius threatens to marry the beautiful Princess against her will, his dangerous technology threatens to destroy time and space as we know them. What's a cowboy to do? Players take the role of Western hero Marshall Gram to save ...
Genma Onimusha Genma Onimusha XBox 4 stars Screenshots
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Genma Onimusha is an update of the original PlayStation 2 title -- the first game on the system that sold a million copies. The game's fundamentals were borrowed from Capcom's beloved Resident Evil series, but changed significantly in order to accommodate the more fluid, action-heavy fight sequences in the game. As the accomplished samurai Samanosuke Akechi, players ...
Bruce Lee: Quest Of The Dragon Bruce Lee: Quest Of The Dragon XBox 4.5 stars Screenshots
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Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon drops players in the capable shoes of late martial arts master, Bruce Lee. Using moves from his self-developed fighting style of Jeet Kune Do, Lee must progress through 12 international levels of beat-'em-up action, from San Francisco to Hong Kong, to rescue his father and retrieve the powerful Golden Relic from ...
Sea Dogs 2 Sea Dogs 2 XBox Screenshots
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Toejam & Earl III: Mission To Earth Toejam & Earl III: Mission To Earth XBox Screenshots
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Accompanied by newfound friend Latisha, original funk masters ToeJam and Earl have returned to Earth in search of Funkopotumus' vinyl record collection, otherwise known as the 12 Sacred Albums of Funk. Once on the planet, however, it becomes apparent that all is not well: the Anti-Funk has caused a disturbance in the Funk. The three oddly colored ...
Panzer Dragoon Orta Panzer Dragoon Orta XBox 3.5 stars Screenshots
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One of Sega's more successful series on the 32-bit Saturn swoops onto the * with the release of Panzer Dragoon Orta. Orta is a teenage girl who becomes a target of unspeakable evil after being rescued by a dragon while locked away in a tower prison. Cast in the role of the mysterious Orta, players take the...
Dragon's Lair 3D: Return To The Lair Dragon's Lair 3D: Return To The Lair XBox 4 stars Screenshots
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Brave gamers are beckoned once again to the quest of rescuing the beautiful princess Daphne from the dangerous dungeons of the Dragon's Lair, in this first release developed by California's Dragonstone Software. Though the game is lovingly patterned after the characters, levels, and storyline of the revolutionary arcade classic, players take full control of Dirk the Daring ...
Gothic Gothic XBox Screenshots
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Blinx: The Time Sweeper Blinx: The Time Sweeper XBox 5 stars Screenshots
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The world's first 4-D action game! Play as a cool clever cat on a quest to fix glitches in time. In this warped world you'll use your tricked-out multi-purpose Time Sweeper to clear obstacles and collect items. Collecting time crystals allows you to actually control the flow of time for a fourth dimension of totally unique gameplay. ...
Shenmue II Shenmue II XBox 4.6 stars Screenshots
XBox Check Availability  Details
Shenmue II is an epic adventure with all the elements of a great movie: drama mystery suspense and action. It offers a unique game-playing experience that seamlessly blends elements of action adventure fighting and role-playing games. In Shenmue II players assume the role of Ryo Hazuki a young man dedicated to the task of tracking his father's ...
Sneakers Sneakers XBox Screenshots
XBox Check Availability  Details
Take the role of a cute but tough mouse to lead your homies through larger-than-life escapades and rodent-sized gang rivalry. Sneakers is a team-based adventure featuring a cast of anthropomorphic mice. Much of the game takes place in and around the relatively enormous human household that these mice call home. Though it is the large environments, the ...
Pooh & Tigger's Hunny Safari Pooh & Tigger's Hunny Safari XBox Screenshots
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Hunter: The Reckoning -- Redeemer Hunter: The Reckoning -- Redeemer XBox 4 stars Screenshots
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Hunter: The Reckoning returns to * in a sequel offering one additional character, exclusive downloadable content via * Live, and a lineup of new weapons, power-ups, fighting moves, and edge powers. Based on White Wolf's pen-and-paper RPG, the game has players rescuing the town of Ashcroft from a legion of supernatural creatures, including vampires, werewolves, changelings, wraiths,...
Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis XBox Screenshots
XBox Check Availability  Details
Aquaman's first starring role in a console video game has the DC Comics superhero battling arch-villains Lava Lord, Black Manta, and Ocean Master through 24 oceanic levels to protect the lost city of Atlantis. The game is viewed from a third-person perspective underneath the ocean's depths as Aquaman uses the powers of telepathy and a morphing hook ...
Dinotopia: The Sunstone Odyssey Dinotopia: The Sunstone Odyssey XBox Screenshots
XBox Check Availability  Details
Based on the award-winning book series written by James Gurney, Dinotopia brings to life a mysterious world where dinosaurs and humans peacefully coexist. The game follows the story of Drake Gemini, a young boy who begins a quest to reunite his family and to defend Dinotopia from a band of marauding pirates. The action takes place from ...
Otogi: Myth Of Demons Otogi: Myth Of Demons XBox Screenshots
XBox Check Availability  Details
Otogi: Myth of Demons is an action game where players are challenged to defeat massive armies of hideous creatures using a deadly combination of melee weapons and magical attacks. What sets this game apart is its setting and theme. Otogi takes place in ancient Japan during a mystic time when demonic armies have besieged the country. Cast ...
Dino Crisis 3 Dino Crisis 3 XBox 2 stars Screenshots
XBox Check Availability  Details
Capcom's successful Dino Crisis series goes where no Dino Crisis game has gone before, literally, as players find themselves exploring the far reaches of space. Though the year may be 2545, dinosaurs are very much a part of this intergalactic adventure, something players will quickly discover when investigating the derelict ship Ozymandias . Gameplay involves leading a ...
Dead Man's Hand Dead Man's Hand XBox Screenshots
XBox Check Availability  Details
Dead Man's Hand is a first-person shooter taking place in the oft-overlooked Old West setting. Players strap on the holster of a gunslinger named El Tejón, who rides with a ruthless gang known as "The Nine." The posse will soon have to change its name, however, as its leader betrays El Tejón and steers him toward the bitter path of revenge. Big mistake. El Tejón vows to hunt down the outlaws until they are nothing more than tombstones on a deserted prairie. Classic elements of the Western genre play out in cinematic fashion, from bar fights and stagecoach chases to one-on-one duels and ...
SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom XBox 3.3 stars Screenshots
XBox Check Availability  Details
SpongeBob SquarePants returns for more 3D platform action in this game starring the characters from Nickelodeon's top-rated children's program. SpongeBob must once again save the underwater world of Bikini Bottom from the power of the plotting Plankton. SpongeBob will not be left high and dry in his quest, however. Joining the cause are close friends Patrick StarFish and Sandy Cheeks, each of whom is playable and offers distinct moves and abilities. As players pursue Plankton, they'll be able to perform such heroics as tongue-sliding down a mountain, bungee jumping off cliffs, or riding along the watery depths from inside a cruise bubble. SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom based on the number one program on kids TV the evil Plankton sets his most diabolical plan ever in motion putting the fate of Bikini Bottom in the hands (or small tentacles) of three unsuspecting heroes -- SpongeBob SquarePants Patrick StarFish and Sandy Cheeks -- each with unique moves and abilities. Players will go tongue-boarding down huge mountains underwear bungee jumping off tall cliffs or ride in a guided "cruise bubble" in an effort to foil Plankton s scheme.

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