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Blast Radius Blast Radius PlayStation 5 stars Screenshots
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Playstation games  
Pro 18: World Tour Golf Pro 18: World Tour Golf PlayStation Screenshots
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Pro 18: World Tour Golf attempts to bring the authenticity of golf to the * console by incorporating real-life courses and world-renowned PGA and LPGA tournament players. Included is the 1998 United States PGA champion Vijay Singh and Mark O'Mera, who won both the 1998 Masters tournament and British Open championship. There are eight players in all with the ability to create...
Shadow Master Shadow Master PlayStation Screenshots
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Trading ships have not been reaching your planet recently and it is feared that ships passing through an outer area get caught in a war between two distant alien races. In an attempt to communicate with the crew of these ships your world has found that communictions throughout the solar system have become silent. Recent stories have told of a death-black shadow ...
Psybadek Psybadek PlayStation Screenshots
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Xako and Mia live for one thing and one thing only: to catch serious air performing mind-blowing stunts on their hoverdeks. A hoverdek is best described as a hovering skateboard, it works the same way but there are no wheels and it's constantly floating. Back to the story at hand, these two dekkies are fanatical about their skills; they would go adventuring ...
Rascal Rascal PlayStation Screenshots
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Put on your baggy pants, grab your shades, and turn your hat backwards -- its time to save the world, baby! Assuming the role of a mischievous dude with a 'tude, Rascal's mission is to save his brainiac grandfather from the clutches of Chronon. Casper Clockwise is well versed in the fields of sciences, inventions and time travelling. With that information, the ...
Newman Haas Racing Newman Haas Racing PlayStation
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The highly detailed and super-realistic Formula 1 engine has been striped down and completely rebuilt for the specifics of indy car racing. Developed in association with the Newman/Haas Racing Team.
Sentinel Returns Sentinel Returns PlayStation 3 stars Screenshots
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Prepare your mind, body, and soul for a horrific game of hide and seek, where you are the hunted! From the people at Psygnosis comes this bone-chilling, mind-numbing strategy title that will make you dive into your brain and cringe with fear. The game is Sentinel Returns for the *. You are a scientist, exploring the mysteries of an unknown substance. When this...
F1 Formula 1 '98 F1 Formula 1 '98 PlayStation Screenshots
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For most people it remains a dream but with Formula 1 '98 it can become a hair-raising reality! Your can take the wheel of an F1 car and pit your skills against the best drivers on the world's most famous tracks. With full team and driver statistics from the 1998 season and the official Formula 1 license it's faster and more accurate ...
O.D.T.: Escape... ...Or Die Trying O.D.T.: Escape... ...Or Die Trying PlayStation Screenshots
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As you finish off the disgusting mangled monster, you are reminded of your search for the pearl that you're after. As you run down the corridor, you see another atrocious monster. You start to blast away again, using your ammo carefully; the flash of blue light from your gun illuminates the walls around you. The enemy falls to the ground and you ...
Eliminator Eliminator PlayStation 2 stars Screenshots
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The Elimination event was the ultimate in televised arena combat. The participants were prisoners, of course, since no one sane enough would take up the gauntlet without some sort of incentive. Since those who survived the Elimination were granted reprieve and released back into society with both fame and wealth, the incentive was clear! All this came to an end during the Civil ...
Colony Wars: Vengeance Colony Wars: Vengeance PlayStation Screenshots
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When a nation has been oppressed by a government or tyrannical leadership, its people can either revolt or take their undue punishment lying down. In this case, the League of Free Worlds felt the Earth-based naval Empire had taken things too far; they initiated a revolution, a rebellion against their leaders. And they were successful -- they depleted the Empire's taskforce so ...
Rosco McQueen: Firefighter Extreme Rosco McQueen: Firefighter Extreme PlayStation Screenshots
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Oh no, the world's tallest building is burning to the ground! Joined together with an army of horrific robot-like creatures, the diabolical Sylvester T. Square has set the Tower XS ablaze. The madman has also taken innocent hostages captive. Players assume the role of Rosco McQueen, a veritable one-man fire-fighting army. Not only will players have to guide Rosco throughout the burning tower, ...
Spice World Spice World PlayStation Screenshots
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Spice up your life with this hysterical music simulation. All of the Spice Girls -- yes even Ginger -- are represented as superdeformed (large heads little bodies) superstars. With innovative gameplay similar to PaRapper the Rapper and many of the girls' biggest hit songs Spice World is sure to rock your *.
Roll Away Roll Away PlayStation Screenshots
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Roll Away is a puzzle game that has you controlling a beach ball atop 3D mazes suspended high in the air. The object? To find the key(s) needed to activate the level's exit. Working against you is a time limit, represented by an hourglass at the top of the screen, as well as various obstacles that can end your life. The dangers ...
Lemmings and Oh No! More Lemmings Lemmings and Oh No! More Lemmings PlayStation Screenshots
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Lemmings, Lemmings and Oh No! More Lemmings! It's your duty to train these mindless suicidal creatures to perform tasks that will carry them to safety. Without you, they'd walk into their ultimate demise! As a compilation of sorts, Psygnosis has ported the original Lemmings to the * along with the Oh No! More Lemmings companion. In either puzzle game, you'll assign different skills...
Rollcage Rollcage PlayStation 4 stars Screenshots
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Rollcage is a futuristic racing game featuring 20 tracks set across four environments, including red canyons, cities, and scenic highways. What distinguishes Rollcage from similar titles is that the six included vehicles can race on any surface. You can drive a vehicle along a tunnel's ceiling, over boulders, across the sides of walls, and more. Each vehicle is indestructible with varying acceleration, ...
Destruction Derby 2 Destruction Derby 2 PlayStation Screenshots
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Strap in, hold on, hit the gas, and you're off on a quest for destructive points in Destruction Derby 2, the smashing sequel to the original demolition derby game from Reflections Interactive and Psygnosis. This edition offers seven larger tracks with lots of jumps and flips, as well as the dreaded crisscross sections where huge damage often ensues. Choose one of three cars and take your pent-up rage into one of four bowl arenas or one of four circuit courses. Let the mayhem begin! The new Pit Stop feature allows the player to make repairs to a damaged vehicle and head back out into the fray. Realistic physics deforms cars (and their nice paint job) as you collide with 19 other racers. The game's physics engine allows wheels, car hoods and other debris fly to everywhere. Localized damage adds an element of strategy too, as headfirst ramming destroys engines and can quickly take the driver out of the game. Players will have to develop some strong techniques or they'll be stalled on the sidelines by the middle of the game. The sequel to the best selling smash 'em up is back on track. Resprayed, rebuilt, and retuned, Destruction Derby 2 is a helter-skelter collision course of crumple zones with advanced 3D graphics. New featured include spectacular 3D crash sequences, where cars will actually flip, roll and cartwheel in real time before hitting the dirt. Upon impact, gamers will see dramatic new special effects, including shooting flames, flying sparks and vehicle parts propelling through the air. "The follow-up to one of the most intense racing games of 1995, Psygnosis' Destruction Derby 2 is smoking the tires once again and is taking to the track with speed." - Electronic Gaming Monthly (July 1996) "The sequel promises to be even more intense, and should hold gamers interest for a long time to come." ...
Sony PS1 D-Shock Grey Sony PS1 D-Shock Grey PlayStation
Playstation Check Availability  Details
PS1 ALALOG CONTROLLER (DUALSHOCK) - For * format software: Righ tand left analog sticks will operate with games that support analog mode. - For * 2 format software: Only the right and left analog sticks will be able to operate in analog mode. This controller does on support analog button (pressure-sensitive) functionality. Analog functionality is available only when using software that supports analog mode and when operating the controller in analog mode. This analog controller is exclusively for use with the * (PSone) * or * 2 Console.
PS1 Memory Card PS1 Memory Card PlayStation 4 stars
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Memory Card for Sony * allows you to save your game and resume playing later. The memory card is interchangeable with any * deck.
Multitap #9403 Multitap #9403 PlayStation 3 stars
Playstation Check Availability  Details
This innovative peripheral increases the number of controllers and memory cards that can be connected to the * game console. A single Multitap allows four players to plug into a * console for real-time, intense gameplay. Plug in two Multitaps cables and play with up to eight players. Compatible with *, PS one and * 2 consoles. Works with original * format software that supports the multitap -- for * 2 software, the Multitap (for * 2) is required.
Sony Memory Card Grey Sony Memory Card Grey PlayStation
Playstation Check Availability  Details
Save and copy your * game positions at any time or transport your high scores to a friend's house. With the memory card you can keep high scores save levels save special weapons or pickups. Custom controller settings and more can be loaded onto the memory card.
Dual Shock Controller Dual Shock Controller PlayStation
Playstation Check Availability  Details
Shake up your game play with the dual shock controllers which are designed for better handling and precision. Refined dual thumb sticks include rounded rubber grips for improved control smaller hand grips and larger shoulder buttons to make game play more comfortable. The dual shock feature can be used with games which are vibration function compatable. In digital mode the controller can be used with all * software.
Memory Card-Crystal Memory Card-Crystal PlayStation
Playstation Check Availability  Details
Memory Card for Sony * allows you to save your game and resume playing later. The memory card is interchangeable with any * deck.
Playstation Memory Card-Emerald Playstation Memory Card-Emerald PlayStation
Playstation Check Availability  Details
Memory Card for Sony * allows you to save your game and resume playing later. The memory card is interchangeable with any * deck.
Controller-Black Controller-Black PlayStation
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