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Vagrant Story Vagrant Story 4.7 stars Screenshots
Playstation Check Availability  Details
Once a bustling city housing over 5,000 people, a series of disastrous quakes separated the city of Leá Monde from the living world. Now accessible only though gnarled catacombs that run from the city to the shore, it's a foreboding ...
Legend of Mana Legend of Mana 4.5 stars Screenshots
Playstation Check Availability  Details
Legend of Mana is the fourth game in the Seiken Densetsu series. In the U.S., it is the successor to the highly acclaimed Secret of Mana. In the beginning, the player is offered a choice between two different characters, a ...
Chrono Cross Chrono Cross 4.4 stars Screenshots
Playstation Check Availability  Details
Chrono Cross is the sequel to the 16-bit Chrono Trigger, a game in which many role-playing fans considered to be on par, if not better than the developers' other role-playing series, Final Fantasy. For those who are new to the ...
Medal of Honor Underground Medal of Honor Underground 5 stars Screenshots
Playstation Check Availability  Details
The year is 1940, and the conquering force of the Third Reich has invaded France. Nazi Germany has marched into Paris and claimed the once proud nation as its own in its further quest for domination of Europe. The allied ...
WCW Backstage Assault WCW Backstage Assault Screenshots
Playstation Check Availability  Details
WCW Backstage Assault takes over 50 WCW wrestlers out of the ring and into real-world venues like a locker room, garage and a loading dock. Traditional wrestling moves can be used, but weapons like two-by-fours and trash cans are also ...
007: The World Is Not Enough 007: The World Is Not Enough 4.2 stars Screenshots
Playstation Check Availability  Details
Good afternoon, James. We hate to spoil your return with more bad news, but we have just received word that an MI-6 agent was killed in action before delivering a report from the Russian Atomic Energy Department. Our friend Sir ...
007 Racing 007 Racing Screenshots
Playstation Check Availability  Details
In 007 Racing, you'll take to the streets as the world's most famous spy. Over the course of the game, you will get to drive Bond's various vehicles, such as the Aston Martin DB5, BMW 750, BMW Z8, Lotus Esprit, ...
Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy IX 4.4 stars Screenshots
Playstation Check Availability  Details
Final Fantasy IX, the third incarnation of Square's acclaimed RPG series on PlayStation, follows the story of an impetuous thief, a mysterious mage, a lonely princess, and a dedicated knight. All are united in their desire to save the kingdom ...
Street Sk8er 2 Street Sk8er 2 Screenshots
Playstation $4.00 Buy It  Details Ships Today! 
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete 5 stars Screenshots
Playstation Check Availability  Details
This PlayStation release represents a specially reworked version of the classic RPG that originated on the Sega CD. In addition to featuring the full game optimized for the 32-bit system, this PS version is enhanced with nearly an hour of ...
Wreckin Crew Wreckin Crew Screenshots
Playstation Check Availability  Details
Wreckin' Crew is a pure racing title where you race around a track and try to beat everybody else to the finish line. Each of the game's eight racers has his own vehicle equipped with a range of very funny ...
Action Man: Operation Xtreme Action Man: Operation Xtreme Screenshots
Playstation Check Availability  Details
The vile Professor Gangrene is attempting to overtake Action Man's home city! But little does our hero know that the raid is part of a larger plan set in motion by Action Man's arch-nemesis, Doctor X. This plan will lure ...
Magic: The Gathering - Battlemage Magic: The Gathering - Battlemage
Playstation Check Availability  Details
You are dangerous wizard involved in the Plainswalker War. Gather your army and prepare for battle. Get ready for over 90 encounters across 30 territories that make up the war torn continent of Corondor. You will unleash devastating spells and ...
Batman & Robin Batman & Robin Screenshots
Playstation Check Availability  Details
Based on the hit summer movie of 1997, play as Batman, Robin, or Batgirl and help clean up the streets of Gotham City. Fight against all of the main villains from the movie including Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Bane. ...
WWF Attitude WWF Attitude 4.3 stars Screenshots
Playstation Check Availability  Details
Play as or against more than 40 professional wrestling stars in WWF Attitude on PlayStation. You'll be able to compete in an exhibition match, create, and develop a custom wrestler, or embark on a career. The default controls feature moves ...
Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M Screenshots
Playstation Check Availability  Details
Based on the Valiant comic book series, Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M. is a first-person shooter set in the distant future. Earth is under invasion from an army of giant insects, so it's up to the few, the proud, the Armorines, to ...
ECW: Anarchy Rulz! ECW: Anarchy Rulz! Screenshots
Playstation Check Availability  Details
Acclaim brings its third wrestling title to the Dreamcast in a one year span with ECW: Anarchy Rulz. More than 60 ECW wrestlers are included in the game with such fan favorites as Dusty Rhodes, The Sandman, and Masato Tanaka. ...
Little Nicky Little Nicky Screenshots
Game Boy Check Availability  Details
Based on the 2000 comedy starring Adam Sandler, Little Nicky is a 15-level adventure through the streets and subways of New York City. Satan's youngest son finds himself on a quest to find spurned brothers Adrian and Cassius, who have ...
Dead Or Alive 2: Hardcore Dead Or Alive 2: Hardcore 4.8 stars Screenshots
Playstation 2 Check Availability  Details
Boarder Zone Boarder Zone Screenshots
Game Boy Check Availability  Details
Snowboarding makes its Game Boy Color debut with Boarder Zone, which features four playable characters and an assortment of board options. Navigate courses filled with trees, signs, and small and larger hills that are good for grabbing serious air. The ...
Fighters Destiny Fighters Destiny Screenshots
Nintendo Check Availability  Details
Fighters Destiny is a 3D fighting game offering several features designed to distinguish itself from similar titles in the genre. While most fighting games simply involve depleting an opponent's health meter in a set number of rounds, Fighters Destiny mixes ...
Mission: Impossible Mission: Impossible 4.5 stars Screenshots
Playstation Check Availability  Details
Good morning, Mr. Phelps... there's a slew of spies, terrorists, international arms dealers and undercover agents secretly committing their heinous trades in order to prevent world peace. Your mission, if you decide to accept it, is to take on the ...
Hogs of War Hogs of War Screenshots
Playstation Check Availability  Details
Get in there, soldier! With the advancements in technology and lust for territorial gains, six powerful nations have locked forces in a ferocious war. Ranging from German, Japanese and Russian forces to the British, French, and American armies, players must ...
You Don't Know Jack, Mock 2 You Don't Know Jack, Mock 2 Screenshots
Playstation Check Availability  Details
The second volume of Seirra's You Don't Know Jack series comes to the PlayStaion in You Don't Know Jack Mock 2. Gameplay follows the conventions established in the first You Don't Know Jack game, featuring fast-paced trivia questions and a ...
T.R.A.G. - Mission of Mercy T.R.A.G. - Mission of Mercy 2.5 stars Screenshots
Playstation Check Availability  Details
As a member of the specialist force T.R.A.G, or "Tactical Rescue Assault Group," you're tasked with infiltrating the Togusa building and eliminating the terrorist threat inside. Inevitably, things don't go as planned, leaving only two members of the team alive, ...

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