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Alice: Madness Returns
Top Seller
Alice: Madness Returns XBox 360 4 stars Top Seller Screenshots
XBox 360 $19.74 Buy It  Details
XBox 360 games Alice returns to a transformed Wonderland in this fright-filled follow-up to 2000's American McGee's Alice. Troubled by the memories of her past, young Alice drifts off to the dream realm of Wonderland, only to find it corrupted by an insidious evil. To save Wonderland and perhaps her sanity, Alice must directly confront horrific enemies attempting to ...
Duke Nukem Forever
Top Seller
Duke Nukem Forever XBox 360 3.3 stars Top Seller Screenshots
XBox 360 $19.74 Buy It  Details
In the realm where puerile plotlines and locker-room humor meet hardcore shooter action, Duke is king, and after a decade-long hiatus, the king returns in Duke Nukem Forever. With development completed by Gearbox Software for a 2011 release, the game incorporates many contemporary first-person shooter features, but the destructible surroundings, larger-than-life enemies, and high-adventure pacing are ...
Halo 3
Top Seller
Halo 3 XBox 360 4.5 stars Top Seller Screenshots
XBox 360 $15.09 Buy It  Details
Bungie's popular first-person shooter makes its debut on the * with Halo 3. The epic saga continues with Halo 3, the hugely anticipated sequel to the highly successful and critically acclaimed Halo franchise. In this third chapter of the Halo trilogy, Master Chief returns to finish the fight, bringing the epic conflict between the Covenant,...
Halo 3: ODST
Top Seller
Halo 3: ODST XBox 360 3.2 stars Top Seller Screenshots
XBox 360 $14.85 Buy It  Details
Microsoft and Bungie's blockbuster sci-fi shooter series continues with this standalone expansion to Halo 3. Battle through an all-new campaign as an ODST, short for Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, in a story line that serves as a prequel to the events chronicled in Halo 3. Your mission is to locate the remaining members of your squad ...
Ninja Gaiden II
Top Seller
Ninja Gaiden II XBox 360 4.6 stars Top Seller Screenshots
XBox 360 Check Availability  Details
Strong, silent Ryu Hayabusa sharpens his sword for another acrobatic adventure through deadly environments in this exclusive sequel on *. The action once again takes place from a third-person perspective set behind the nimble ninja, with highly cinematic showdowns taking place amidst exotic locales. Acclaimed designer Tomonobu Itagaki has altered the original title's fast-paced combat...
Crysis 2
Top Seller
Crysis 2 XBox 360 4.9 stars Top Seller Screenshots
XBox 360 $20.49 Buy It  Details
In the role of a soldier, alone in a devastated urban jungle, players use the super-human abilities provided by a technologically advanced suit to save the world from alien invaders, as they battle through the first-person shooter sequel, Crysis 2. As in the first game, the hero's most important weapon is a high-tech suit that integrates ...
Top Seller
Bayonetta XBox 360 4.5 stars Top Seller Screenshots
XBox 360 $20.25 Buy It  Details
Bayonetta is an unabashedly gory, violent, and racy action-adventure that stars a shape-shifting witch in the title role. The playfully wicked Bayonetta faces overwhelming mobs of angelic and demonic enemies, and meets them all in flowing, fast-paced combat involving both firearms and magically empowered melee weapons. As in combat action games such as Devil May Cry ...
Halo: Reach
Top Seller
Halo: Reach XBox 360 3.8 stars Top Seller Screenshots Legendary Edition
XBox 360 $171.89 Buy It  Details
Condemned: Criminal Origins Condemned: Criminal Origins XBox 360 4.6 stars Screenshots
XBox 360 Check Availability  Details
Developed by award-winning Monolith Productions for the * video game system from Microsoft Condemned: Criminal Origins allows players to experience a heightened level of psychological tension as they use their instincts forensic tools and melee combat to track serial killers and bring them to justice. Gamers will play as Agent Thomas an investigator in the...
Godfather: The Game Godfather: The Game XBox 360 4.7 stars Screenshots
XBox 360 $32.68 Buy It  Details
EA Games makes an offer it hopes fans of Mafioso mythology cannot refuse, in this video game translation of the award-winning 1972 Francis Ford Coppola film. Players take the role of a small-time thug, newly inducted into the Corleone family and looking to make it big. By running missions for the family in the game's rendition ...
Outfit Outfit XBox 360 4 stars Screenshots
XBox 360 Check Availability  Details
An action-oriented take on World War II from the development team behind such titles as Homeworld and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, The Outfit has players in command of a three-man squad of no-nonsense specialists. J.D. Tyler is a sniper who also carries a shotgun for when things get a little too close for comfort. Tommy ...
Saints Row Saints Row XBox 360 4.3 stars Screenshots
XBox 360 Check Availability  Details
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Saint's Row kowtows to 2004's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. As in Rockstar's underworld oeuvre, Saint's Row features a free-roaming city rife with crime and served by an increasingly frustrated police force. As a member of the 3rd Street Saints, players must conquer Southern Cross block by ...
Frame City Killer Frame City Killer XBox 360 Screenshots
XBox 360 Check Availability  Details
This mature urban adventure combines the freely roamed, interactive environments of the later Grand Theft Auto games with the tactical planning of the Hitman series. Frame City Killer is set in the title town, a fictional near-futuristic city in East Asia which has become a major market for a new drug called "Visual Acid." Players take ...
Dead Or Alive 4 Dead Or Alive 4 XBox 360 4.1 stars Screenshots
XBox 360 Check Availability  Details
Tecmo's flagship fighting series continues with the console-exclusive release of Dead or Alive 4. Once again, players can select from a number of characters skilled in various combat styles, from Ryu Hayabusa's custom Ninjutsu techniques learned from his years as a ninja, to teenager Hitomi's mastery of karate. No matter which character is selected, he or ...
Perfect Dark Zero Perfect Dark Zero XBox 360 4 stars Screenshots
XBox 360 Check Availability  Details
Joanna Dark, that Rare heroine who raised the bar for console shooters with her near-perfect 2000 debut on Nintendo 64, returns to her past with new purpose (and on a new platform), in this 2005 launch title for the *. As the title implies, this game is a prequel to the N64 game, set before...
Prey Prey XBox 360 3.8 stars Screenshots
XBox 360 Check Availability  Details
In Prey, players take the role of a disgruntled indigenous native named Tommy, searching the ship for a way out while blasting slimy space monsters and other vile creatures. Based on Cherokee mythology, the game centers on Tommy, his spiritual powers gained from an unknown birthright, and the nifty things he can do with them such ...
Rumble Roses XX Rumble Roses XX XBox 360 4 stars Screenshots
XBox 360 Check Availability  Details
Scantily clad female wrestlers wiggle, wrangle, and wage war against one another in this sequel to 2004's Rumble Roses on PlayStation 2. The *'s first wrestling game features more than 40 grappling gals, each with individual costumes, moves, and personalities, from a schoolgirl and naughty nurse to a cowgirl and dominatrix. Four-player tag team matches...
Far Cry: Instincts -- Predator Far Cry: Instincts -- Predator XBox 360 4 stars Screenshots
XBox 360 $20.89 Buy It  Details
Ubisoft's Far Cry: Instincts -- Predator includes both 2005's Far Cry: Instincts, with enhanced graphics and AI to take advantage of the system's technical prowess, and the feature set from the Xbox expansion, Far Cry: Instincts -- Evolution. As Jack Carver, a former Navy officer and current charter boat captain, players become stranded on a tropical ...
Dead Rising Dead Rising XBox 360 4 stars Screenshots 1 Player; Platinum Hits
XBox 360 $12.39 Buy It  Details
No stranger to walking corpses, Capcom unearths another zombie-themed franchise with Dead Rising on *. Players take command of a forceful photographer named Frank West, who believes he is on the verge of a breakthrough story at a remote suburban town called Willamette. Yet this is no ordinary visit. West soon learns that the unfriendly...
Hitman: Blood Money Hitman: Blood Money XBox 360 4.2 stars Screenshots
XBox 360 Check Availability  Details
On the run from rival assassins, Agent 47 hops a plane to take care of business stateside in Hitman: Blood Money. Players will guide Agent 47 through a number of locales, including New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas as he performs hits. It's up to the player to determine the manner in which a hit ...
Knights Of The Temple II Knights Of The Temple II XBox 360 Screenshots
XBox 360 Check Availability  Details
This fantasy RPG sends players through a medieval Europe of fairy tales, on a noble quest to save the good land from an unholy menace. The action features fast-paced swords and sorcery, and the storyline branches according to choices the player makes along the way. Based on StarBreeze's original Knights of the Temple (previously available in ...
Ninety-Nine Nights Ninety-Nine Nights XBox 360 3.7 stars Screenshots
XBox 360 Check Availability  Details
In a world torn by war, players must choose to be either good or evil and find their way through Ninety-Nine Nights of fighting. Utilizing the hardware and technology of the *, Ninety-Nine Nights features battles with hundreds of AI on the screen at the same time, each attacking and reacting as an individual. Each...
Just Cause Just Cause XBox 360 4.6 stars Screenshots
XBox 360 Check Availability  Details
Swedish developer Avalanche Studios' first in-house development project is a 3D action-adventure starring a U.S. operative named Rico Rodriguez. Just Cause has Rodriguez attempting to overthrow a fictitious South American island's regime by instigating a revolution. Players will accomplish this by working with citizens, political factions, rebels, and even drug cartels in a series of explosive ...
BioShock BioShock XBox 360 4.9 stars Screenshots
XBox 360 $14.83 Buy It  Details
In BioShock, you take the role of an isolated crash survivor who discovers a city under the sea. This city, also known as Rapture, was once a utopia for scientists, artists, and industrialists. However, by the time your character takes his first steps into Rapture, the civilization has ceased to exist, and the place is nearly ...
Grand Theft Auto IV Grand Theft Auto IV XBox 360 4.4 stars Screenshots
XBox 360 $14.50 Buy It  Details
The most anticipated game of 2008 expands the open-world action introduced in the groundbreaking Grand Theft Auto III to a new level of detail. The next-gen debut of the unapologetically violent series stars new protagonist Niko Bellic, a criminal looking for a fresh start and perhaps a shot at redemption. Niko is lured to the bustling Liberty City from Europe by his reckless cousin Roman, who sells him on a life of luxury with quick cash, fast cars, and faster women. Roman has considerably overstated his wealth, however. The cousin is indebted to the type of people who don't take "no" for an answer, and he desperately needs Niko's help. So begins Grand Theft Auto IV, which returns players to ...

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