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New Releases This Week

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1. Bettie Page Reveals All
Top Seller
Bettie Page Reveals All DVD (2013)
DVD $22.49 Buy It  Details Ships Today! 
Mark Mori's documentary BETTIE PAGE REVEALS ALL utilizes archival audio interviews with Page that allow her to narrate her own life story. She can he heard discussing her decision to stop modeling when her popularity was greater than ever and ...
2. Mr. Magoo: Theatrical Collection 1949-1959
Top Seller
Mr. Magoo: Theatrical Collection 1949-1959 DVDs (2014) 1949-1959
DVD $26.45 Buy It  Details
Voiced by Jim Backus (Gilligan Island's "Mr. Howell"), Mr. Magoo is a wealthy, short-statured retiree who gets into a series of sticky situations as a result of his nearsightedness, compounded by his stubborn refusal to admit the problem. However, through ...
3. Good Witch's Garden
Top Seller
Good Witch's Garden DVD (2009)
DVD $12.99 Buy It  Details Ships Today! 
Cassandra 'Cassie' Nightingale has settled into Middleton and is busy making a home of Grey House. Her boyfriend, Sheriff Jake Russell, and his kids are happy to have Cassie in the neighborhood, but she has yet to gain the trust ...
4. Sorcerer
Top Seller
Sorcerer Blu-ray (1977) 4.5 stars
Blu-ray (Playable only on Blu-ray Players) $29.79 Buy It  Details
In the South American jungle, an oil company's derrick suddenly erupts into flames. In order to bring the fire under control, explosives must be used. Led by a small-time American mobster, a desperate quartet of men volunteers. Re-make of WAGES ...
5. Peggy Cappy: Easy Yoga - The Secret to Strength and Balance
Top Seller
Peggy Cappy: Easy Yoga - The Secret to Strength and Balance DVD (2014)
DVD $13.89 Buy It  Details Ships Today! 
Peggy Cappy returns with a new special that will show you how this gentle yoga program can help improve your strength and balance.
6. Gila
Top Seller
Gila DVD (2012)
DVD $12.99 Buy It  Details
A giant lizard terrorizes a rural mid west community and creates a path of destruction and death. A group of heroic young people led by local hotrodder and mechanic Chase Winstead (Brian Gross) come forward to do battle the creature. ...
7. Beautiful Mistake
Top Seller
Beautiful Mistake DVD (2011)
DVD $12.35 Buy It  Details
An innocent exchange between a 10-year-old boy and an elderly corpse collector yields devastating repercussions when the old man sneaks a peek at a youthful girl taking a bath, but cannot determine whether the object of his lust is the ...
8. Outlaw Josey Wales/Pale Rider
Top Seller
Outlaw Josey Wales/Pale Rider DVDs (1976)
DVD $8.49 Buy It  Details
OUTLAW JOSEY WALES - As the film opens, Josey Wales is a simple farmer in Missouri. When a vicious band of Union Red Legs, led by Terrill (Bill McKinney), burns his home to the ground, killing his wife and son, ...
9. Ble En Herbe
Top Seller
Ble En Herbe DVD (1990)
DVD $20.49 Buy It  Details
The Ripening Seed follows Vinca Ferret (Sophie Aubry), a fifteen-year-old French girl with eyes the color of April showers, and Phillipe Audebert (Matthieu Roze), a sixteen-year-old boy in the full vigor and impatience of youth. The film follows the two ...
10. Visitant
Top Seller
Visitant DVD (2014)
DVD $12.35 Buy It  Details
While Samantha plays a "Fortune Teller" at a local amusement park, she is a skeptic about the supernatural. She recently suffered a tragic loss she is at a crossroads in her life. But one night alone in her house, dark ...
11. Corazon Indomable
Top Seller
Corazon Indomable DVDs (2014) Widescreen; Wild At Heart
DVD $16.19 Buy It  Details
A young woman of humble means reinvents herself to avenge those who cruelly mistreated her. "Corazon Indomable" tells the story of Maricruz Olivares, a beautiful young woman who has grown up poor in the Mexican countryside. When she and debonair ...
12. Big Bad Wolves
Top Seller
Big Bad Wolves Blu-ray (2013) Widescreen
Blu-ray (Playable only on Blu-ray Players) $25.15 Buy It  Details
The vengeful father of a young murder victim, a rogue police detective, and a religion teacher who's become the prime suspect in a brutal series of killings are drawn into a conflict that threatens to turn tragic as authorities race ...
13. Newhart - The Complete Third Season
Top Seller
Newhart - The Complete Third Season DVDs (2014)
DVD $22.69 Buy It  Details
This set contains every episode from the third season of NEWHART, the Bob Newhart series where the unflappable comic played the owner of a New England inn where he surrounded by a number of oddballs. Bob Newhart returns as Dick Loudon, ...
14. Swiss Rails
Top Seller
Swiss Rails DVDs (2014)
DVD $29.09 Buy It  Details
This documentary series chronicles the history of The Gotthard Railway, The William Tell Express, and The Lotschberg Railway. Switzerland is famous for its breath-taking scenery, with its beautiful delicate valleys separated by some of the highest mountains in Europe. Through this ...
15. Tin Can Man
Top Seller
Tin Can Man DVD (2014)
DVD $14.55 Buy It  Details
A lovelorn man with a dead end job finds his life thrown into disarray when a mysterious stranger comes knocking at his door. Recently dumped by his girlfriend for another man, working in a job he hates, things could be better ...
16. House on Sorority Row House on Sorority Row DVDs (1983) 4 stars Special Edition
DVD $14.55 Buy It  Details
Seven senior sorority sisters are soon sorry when they plan to play a pitiful prank on their house mother! Their cranky matron gets even crankier when the girls decide to hold their graduation party at the Sorority House although they ...
17. Empire of the Apes
Top Seller
Empire of the Apes DVD (2013)
DVD $12.99 Buy It  Details
Three female convicts stage a daring prison break, and become stranded on a mysterious planet ruled by hostile apes. As the aggressive primates attempt to use the women for breeding, the ruthless prison warden seeks to recapture them at any ...
18. Tracy Morgan: Bona Fide
Top Seller
Tracy Morgan
Tracy Morgan: Bona Fide DVD (2013)
DVD $12.99 Buy It  Details
After starring for seven seasons on NBC's Emmy(R)- and Golden Globe Award(R)-winning "30 Rock," the legendary Tracy Morgan returns to his roots in the world premiere of his new one-hour stand-up special, "Tracy Morgan: Bona Fide." Morgan performs in his ...
19. Unseen Evil
Top Seller
Unseen Evil DVD (2001)
DVD $12.99 Buy It  Details
In this horrific tale of greed and destruction, a team of archaeology students land face to face with terror while on a journey to an ancient burial ground. Their well respected teacher and leader betrays them when he takes a ...
20. Scream Park
Top Seller
Scream Park DVD (2013)
DVD $12.99 Buy It  Details
The shrewd owner of a failing theme park attempts to stir up business by hiring a pair of backwoods psychos to slaughter his staff, only to realize that his attempt to spark a media frenzy may be the death of ...
21. Long Live the Dead
Top Seller
Long Live the Dead DVD (2014)
DVD $12.99 Buy It  Details
Richard Poche's LONG LIVE THE DEAD features five stories about zombies told from a female point-of-view. The segments are titled A PICTURE TO DIE FOR, ZOE DIES IN THE END, HERE LIES BUD, BLACK BONE WOODS, and DWEEZLE. The dead have ...
22. Dark Satanic Magick
Top Seller
Dark Satanic Magick DVD (2014)
DVD $14.55 Buy It  Details
A woman awakens in a mysterious room with no memory of the past or her identity, and falls prey to a mysterious dark magician who physically defiles her in a series of sex magick rituals. Meanwhile, the more she is ...
23. 15 Murders: Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer
Top Seller
15 Murders: Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer DVD (2011)
DVD $12.99 Buy It  Details
In this found footage-style horror film, we witness the birth of a nightmare as authorities investigating the disappearance of two documentary filmmakers hired to profile a notorious serial killer discover a series of shocking videotapes that rock a quiet Oregon ...
24. Hellgate
Top Seller
Hellgate DVD (1952)
DVD $15.85 Buy It  Details
This western stars Sterling Hayden as a man who innocently tends to the needs of a mysterious stranger. When it turns out that the stranger was part of a notorious gang of mercenaries, Hayden is condemned as a conspirator and ...
25. Riot in Cell Block 11
Top Seller
Riot in Cell Block 11 DVD (1954)
DVD $20.49 Buy It  Details
Don Siegel's classic B picture stars Neville Brand as prison inmate Dunn. A group of prison convicts are fed up with the conditions they are forced to endure, which include terrible overcrowding, enforced idleness, wretched food, and the billeting of ...
26. Conspiracy Theory
Top Seller
Conspiracy Theory DVD (1997) 3.9 stars Full Frame; Widescreen
DVD $8.49 Buy It  Details
A crackpot Big Apple cabbie finds himself in a heap of trouble after his self-published conspiracy 'zine elicits the interest of some shady government heavies--and leads to the unexplained murders of all five subscribers. As the J. Edgars close in, ...
27. Exit Wounds
Top Seller
Exit Wounds Blu-ray (2001) 3.7 stars
Blu-ray (Playable only on Blu-ray Players) $12.99 Buy It  Details
Detroit cop Orin Byrd (Steven Seagal) plays by his own rules. He knows what's right and what's wrong, and like Clint Eastwood's Harry Callahan, he doesn't mind leaving a little destruction in his wake as long as he gets the ...
28. Little Busters!: Collection Two
Top Seller
Little Busters!: Collection Two DVDs (2014)
DVD $41.29 Buy It  Details
As if receiving enigmatic messages delivered by the cats wasn't odd enough, Riki Naoe's world continues to grow even stranger. Following the shocking twin revelations of Midori's missing shadow and the fact that he's the only one who seems to ...
29. Insane
Top Seller
Insane DVD (2010) Standard Screen; Soundtrack English
DVD $12.35 Buy It  Details
From the film team that brought us the cult horror classic - Evil Ed. Sarah is on a search for her sister who disappeared 2 weeks ago on her way to a music festival. It's the middle of the night ...
30. Hapkido/Lady Whirlwind Hapkido/Lady Whirlwind DVDs (2014) Widescreen
DVD $12.99 Buy It  Details
Lady Whirlwind (also known as Deep Thrust): A man sets out to close up a Japanese gambling ring to avenge the suicide of his girl friend. Along the way, he must also deal with the dead girl's revenge-driven sister. Hapkido ...
31. Farewell to Fools Farewell to Fools DVD (2014)
DVD $20.39 Buy It  Details
When a German officer is killed in WWII-era Romania, a group of frightened villagers attempt to coerce the local idiot (Gérard Depardieu) into confessing to the murder in order to avoid being massacred by the vengeful Nazis. Harvey Keitel co-stars. Once ...
32. WWE: Best of Raw After the Show WWE: Best of Raw After the Show DVD (2014)
DVD $22.69 Buy It  Details
For 52 weeks a year, the WWE Universe is glued to their seats for 3 hours of pulse pounding action on Monday Night Raw. But what happens after the cameras stop rolling? Now, in this new DVD/Blu-ray set, The Best ...
33. Get Carter Get Carter DVD (1971) 4.7 stars Widescreen; Soundtrack English
DVD $16.35 Buy It  Details
A small-time street tough from London finds himself enmeshed in a web of deceit, blackmail, and murder when he investigates the circumstances surrounding the death of his brother in Newcastle. GET CARTER is a hard-as-nails British crime movie, featuring a ...
34. Pawnbroker Pawnbroker DVD (1965) 5 stars Widescreen; Remastered; Black & White
DVD $15.09 Buy It  Details
THE PAWNBROKER, directed by Sidney Lumet, stars Rod Steiger in this grim, dark tale of a Holocaust survivor who runs a pawnshop in Harlem. The film traces his deterioration as modern times force old memories to painfully flood back to ...
35. Chances Are Chances Are DVD (1989) 3 stars
DVD $8.49 Buy It  Details
A young woman's picture-perfect marriage is shattered when her husband dies unexpectedly. Fortunately, he is recycled back to earth as a newborn. Twenty-three years later and flooded with former-life memories, he meets his wife, falls in love with his daughter ...
36. Killing American Style Killing American Style DVD (2014)
DVD $20.49 Buy It  Details
A violent pair of convicted bank robbers stages a daring prison break, but meets their match in the form of a true American hero who will fight to the death for the sake of his family. Written and directed by ...

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