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Product Reviews By User

Soundtrack to Your Escape In Flames
Soundtrack to Your Escape (2004) 3.4 stars
CD Check Availability  Details

1 starsAbsolute cess
This is terrible, The music is cheesy, The vocals are absolutely dreadful (sounds like he's singing with one hand down his pants!) The lyrics are cliche. And its just worsening my opinion of the state of metal music today. Don't call this band death metal, and go and listen to some real good original metal like Death, Possessed, Exodus, Anthrax and if you have to listen to some melodic dm that doesn't stray from being heavy checkout carcass Heartwork.
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 2/14/2005

Seven Churches Possessed
Seven Churches (1985) 4.6 stars Remastered
CD $15.15 Buy It  Details

5 starsAbsolutely classic
Although many people criticize this album I thought I would trust myself, and Buy it, Seeing as people have hailed it as the first death metal album. Apoun first listen I recognised the intro from "the exorcist" from the film. The first noticable thing about the sound is the weak production, But I don't judge an album buy its production and frankly don't give a S**t. The music is realy raw but the riffs are cool and memorable, The drumming is pretty bad but listenable, Jeff beccera's voice must have scared listeners when this was released as no one had done anything as extreme as this.I must also say that this was realy ahead of its time, I mean in 1985 thrash was only just developing itself. The lyrics are quite similar to something written by slayer venom etc. But possessed took them to the next level. Compared to death metal of todays standars this isn't quite up there in terms of heaviness But if your into death/thrash metal check this out, and if you don't like this at least give possessed a little credit for helping start a great metal style.
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 2/12/2005

British Steel Judas Priest
British Steel (1980) 4.4 stars
CD $7.45 Buy It  Details
MP3 $9.99 Buy It  Details

5 starsClassic metal
This is one of priest's best albums. Although the songs are really basic they are all memorable and great. Rob's vocals are good despite the lack of high notes! Dave Hollands drumming is crap!, But at least its listenable. Overall if your'e into Priest or british metal buy this album.
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 1/1/2005

Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? Megadeth
Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? (1986) 4.4 stars Top Seller Bonus Tracks; Remastered
CD $12.15 Buy It  Details

5 starsMegadeth's best album ever!
This was my first megadeth album I got, And at first I was kind of put off by Dave's weedy vocals, But when I listened to it more and more it really grew on me. Of course the guitars smoke Dave and chris' solos are shredding and the songs are all well written there is some speed variation on here too which is good. The lyrics are quite good some being political (thanks to Gar), Some being violent and dark, and in the case of the cover "i aint superstitious" they are funny! If you are into thrash buy this album you won't be dissapointed.
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 1/1/2005

Beneath the Remains Sepultura
Beneath the Remains (1989) 4.7 stars Definitive Album Bonus Tracks; Remastered
CD $12.69 Buy It  Details

5 starsThe bass!
The bass on stronger than hate is reason to own this! Paulo Jnr rules.
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 11/5/2004

Suicidal Tendencies Suicidal Tendencies
Suicidal Tendencies (1983) 5 stars
CD $12.59 Buy It  Details

5 starsAwesome!
This album rules. It is so much different to how will i laugh tommorow. As it is hardcore punk and that is thrash. The songs are all short and aggresive. The musicianship is great and the lyrics are funny. S.T fans should own this album
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 10/29/2004

Decade of Aggression: Live Slayer
Decade of Aggression: Live (1991) 4.2 stars
CD $10.25 Buy It  Details

4 starsGreat live album
This is an awesome live album. The production may not be that great but hey this is a real live album not something thats been dragged in the studio and f**ked around with! The setlist is great and the boys give it everything. Jeff Hannemens got some cool exodus t shirts in the sleeve! The only other let down is Tom Araya's often limited vocals. But other than the minor flaws this is a must have for any slayer fan.
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 10/26/2004

Passion And Warfare Steve Vai
Passion And Warfare (1990) 4.6 stars Definitive Album
CD Check Availability  Details
MP3 $9.99 Buy It  Details

4 starsSix String smoker!
This is a great piece of shred history Steve Vai is such a Talented guitarist. Although it isn't very heavy its a great listen and any guitar enthusiast should check it out. Erotic nightmares and the audience is listening err... SHRED!
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 10/26/2004

Vulgar Display of Power Pantera
Vulgar Display of Power (1992) 4.7 stars Top Seller Definitive Album
CD $12.05 Buy It  Details
MP3 Not Available  Details

4 starsPantera's best!
I'm not a huge pantera fan but I have to say this is their best album. This was their album were they found a kind of original sound and kept it till they broke up. This is a lot heavier than c.f.h and a lot more aggresive. Phil Anselmo sounds rather angry on this album but it is often hard to understand what he's singing about. Diamond Darrel (or Dimebag as he likes to be know as know) plays sone sludgy riffs and solo's, and vinnie pounds away at the skins. Some song highlights include mouth for war and a new level. Phil Anselmo sounds like a nu-metal crooner on this love which ain't good!
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 10/26/2004

Heartwork Carcass
Heartwork (1994) 4.8 stars Definitive Album
CD Check Availability  Details

5 starsSuprisingly melodic!
Carcass were accused of selling out with this one and being too melodic. If you are unfamiliar with their early stuff it is raw grindcore. Now dont get me wrong I like heavy s##t but that stuff is musically indecipherable! Anyhow back to heartwork the album is brilliant and one of the most melodic,memorable death metal albums i've heard. The guitars are great and Jeff Walker has a decent voice. The lyrics are less morbib than their other albums but who knows they might have a suprising twist to them ( not that I can read half the lyrics because my booklet is all ripped!). Song highlights include carnal forge, embodiment and the title track. This is a metal must have.
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 10/26/2004

Attack of the Killer B's Anthrax
Attack of the Killer B's (1991) 4.3 stars Definitive Album
CD $10.29 Buy It  Details
MP3 $9.99 Buy It  Details

5 stars"classic!"
This is a great collection of b sides and rarities. Not one bad song on here. The S.O.D song "milk" Is superbly covered, although I don't really think the solo is necsesary (Dan spitz felt he had to show off!) The live tracks are also great. Any thrax fan should own this great cd. And kicking out Joey was a foolish decision.
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 10/20/2004

War and Pain Voivod
War and Pain (1984) 4.2 stars Definitive Album
CD $12.89 Buy It  Details
MP3 $8.91 Buy It  Details

4 starsGreat, raw thrasher!
My friend didn't like this album because it wasn't technical! so I bought it off him. This is a great raw thrasher I don't own any other voivod as of now but will soon invest. The production on this is suprisingly good. Snake is a cool singer, and piggy is also talented. Any fans of thrash should check this out (and avoid that rubbish generic power metal mind friend is so fond of!). this album's got a kind of punk sound to it
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 10/20/2004

Divine Intervention Slayer
Divine Intervention (1994) 4.2 stars Top Seller
CD $9.45 Buy It  Details
MP3 $9.99 Buy It  Details

4 stars"great slayer"
After hearing the brill Seasons in the Abyss album, I didn't like this album at first, but as I listened to it the more it grew on me. I think it is now safe to say that I love this album! Musically Slayer are in great form on this album with Jeff and Kerry churning out fast riffs and solo's and Tom sounding as good as always. While the absence of Dave Lombardo is evident, ex Forbidden skin basher Paul Bostaph is a great replacement. The lyrics on this album are good eg. '213' is about some serial killer I can't remember and 'Dittohead' is a song about how the judical system is flawed. Highlights include 'Killing Fields', 'Sex Murder Art', and 'Dittohead'. If you are a Slayer fan check this out but if you are a newcomer get early stuff first.
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 10/20/2004

Reign in Blood Slayer
Reign in Blood (1986) 4.8 stars
CD $11.05 Buy It  Details
MP3 $9.99 Buy It  Details

5 stars"Excellent"
This album is Flawless. Any fans of metal should own this nuff said!
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 10/19/2004

Cowboys from Hell Pantera
Cowboys from Hell (1990) 4.4 stars Top Seller Definitive Album
CD $8.35 Buy It  Details
MP3 $9.99 Buy It  Details

4 starsgood, but nothing awesome
This was pantera's breakthrough album after their obscure hair metal efforts. Personally I think this is o.k Dimebag is a pretty good guitarist but there are a lot of other guitarists who deserve a lot more praise, Phil "sings" his best on this album. The lyrics are alright with the ocasional cheese here and there eg. the title track. The best song on this album is "domination" i'm sick to death of cemetry f**king gates ( not that it's even that greater song). On a final note this band is o.k but there are a lot of better metal bands out there that deserved a hell of a lot better than these hicks got. Pantera are not a thrash band!
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 10/19/2004

In Search Of... Fu Manchu
In Search Of... (1996) 4 stars
CD $10.29 Buy It  Details
MP3 $9.99 Buy It  Details

4 starsGood Stuff!
This is a great album by these yanky stoners! Way better than "the action is go" this albums Full of crunchy riffs and slamming leads, there is also heaps of lyrics about cars. A couple of highlights are regal begal and strato streak. I can't believe Scott hill was in that cess ridden skid row! Anyhow I reccomend this to any Fu Manchu fan.
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 10/8/2004

Screaming for Vengeance Judas Priest
Screaming for Vengeance (1982) 4.5 stars
CD $9.15 Buy It  Details
MP3 $9.99 Buy It  Details

5 stars"brill!"
This album rocks! It's a lot more technical than british steel and boasts some cool solos courtesy of Tipton and Downing. The lyrics ( not usually priests strong point) are pretty good and Halford sounds great. I thought iron maiden was extremely original until I heard this then I realised they kind of ripped off priests sound. Song highlights include Electric eye, Bloodstone and the title track. This is classic Priest.
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 10/8/2004

Iron Maiden Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden (1980) 4.4 stars Enhanced CD
CD $15.35 Buy It  Details

4 starsgreat debut
This album is cool, it may not be as good as the Dickinson stuff but its worth checkin out. Although it sounds a bit try hard judas priest it is a good album. Song highlights include phantom of the opera, sanctuary and the title track. Paul had a good voice. Fans should check this out. (Dennis Stratton is a mess!)
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 10/6/2004

Not Of This Earth Joe Satriani
Not Of This Earth (1986) 3.7 stars
CD Check Availability  Details
MP3 $8.99 Buy It  Details

4 starscool!
This is my only satch cd and while I didn't like it at first It has grown on me a bit solely because of the cool guitaring. If you're a fan of shred check this album out. Some highlights include Memories and the title track. Avoid "driving at night" and "the snake" as the are painfully retro!
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 10/6/2004

Killing Kind Overkill
Killing Kind (1996) 4.6 stars
CD Check Availability  Details

4 stars"what a bargain!"
I picked this cd up new for $3.00 and I just have to say its great and i'm glad overkill haven't changed their style too much since the years of decay. Blitz and the boys are in good form on this one and all the songs are good except "the morning after" which the piano and vocals just put me off. Anyhoo I reccomend this to any overkill fan.
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 10/6/2004

New Order Testament
New Order (1988) 4.7 stars Definitive Album
CD $16.25 Buy It  Details
MP3 $9.90 Buy It  Details

5 stars"Great album"
This is my first Testament album and it rules! Alex skolnick is one of thrash's best guitarists (My chum says he looks French!!) And Chuck Billy has got a good thrashy voice. The songs on hear are all great and some highlights are Eerie inhabitants, The new order and the children of the corn inspired disciples of the watch. The only flaw is Louie Clementes Boring drumming no double bass at all!! Aside from that this rules and testament deserved a lot better than they friggin got thrash fans should all own this corker.
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 10/6/2004

Street Lethal Racer X
Street Lethal (1986) 4.8 stars
CD $17.65 Buy It  Details

5 starsOne word.. SHRED!
Frenzy is reason to own this shredder! man it rules.
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 10/6/2004

Kill Em All Metallica
Kill Em All (2007) 4.6 stars Top Seller Uk
CD $11.55 Buy It  Details

5 starskills em all!
This in my opinion is the tallica boys' best album. The songs are so catchy and the often immature lyrics are fun to hear. Kirks best guitar work is on this and I dig James' high balls screams Cliff was their best bassist (R.I.P) and pulling teeth rules! Song highlights are whiplash, four horsemen and motorbreath (cool fill). any fans of thrash should own this rippin album. If you like this check out bonded by blood.
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 10/6/2004

Among the Living Anthrax
Among the Living (1987) 4.9 stars Definitive Album
CD $9.25 Buy It  Details
MP3 $9.99 Buy It  Details

5 starssure worth the wait
I had been wanting this album for ages until I bought it off the internet. it didn't dissapoint. The guitars bass and drums rule!( Charlies drums would have to be the highlight)the singing on the other hand is top notch Joe Belladonna is one of the few thrash singers that can actually carry a melody. Lyrically the Stephen king inspiration is heavy on songs like "among the living" and "a skeleton in the closet" The song highlights would have to be " I am the law" and "a skeleton in the closet. Reccomended.
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 10/5/2004

So Far, So Good...So What! Megadeth
So Far, So Good...So What! (1988) 4.3 stars Bonus Tracks; Remastered
CD $12.15 Buy It  Details

4 stars"Underrated"
I Don't know why heaps of people rip this album off. It's got some great songs like "502"( a song about Dave Mustaine's drunk driving carry ons)and "Mary Jane" ( the lyrics are pretty bad something to do with a witch, but the awesome riffs hold it together)The only crap song is hook in mouth which i think is just drab. Jeff Young is a pretty good guitarist his solo on "liar" is shredworthy! This must be megadeths album with the best vocal work ( may all Dave Mustaines boozing gave him a helping hand!) Sure it's not as good as peace sells or rust in peace but those have high standards. Anyhow check this out if you're into megadeth but get "peace sells" first.
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 10/5/2004

Years of Decay Overkill
Years of Decay (1989) 4.5 stars
CD $16.25 Buy It  Details
MP3 $9.99 Buy It  Details

5 starsTime to thrash!
This is my second overkill album i have bought, my first was "the killing kind" that i picked up for $3.00 ( what a bargain!). But I think "the years of decay" slams! My friends don't like this album because of Blitz's shrieky voice. I personally think his voice is awesome he kinda sounds like steve souza. Also the guitarist and bassist shred Bobby Gustafson plays some cool solo's, and D.D Verni's bass playing is extremely technical! they also had a good drummer in the form of Sid Falck. The songs are suprisingly catchy and while I don't usually like epics I make an exception with these. I am not to sure what these songs are about yet but will try and find out. On a final note I reccomend this to any fans of early thrash.
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 10/5/2004

Bonded by Blood Exodus
Bonded by Blood (1985) 5 stars
CD $10.25 Buy It  Details

5 stars"what a thrasher!"
I got into exodus when my friend gave me "lessons in violence" (the best of) I thought it was okay. But when i heard this i was blown away while not very technical this is a classic thrash album.the guitar team of Rick hunolt and Gary holt is awesome just listen to the solo's on "and then there were none" The singing also rules Paul Ballof has a menacing voice! I also like the often quirky lyrics. any how i will not rant on anymore and will end on this note, Bonded by blood rules and any fans of overkill, testament, anthrax etc should check this out.
Submitted by a reviewer (Dunedin, New Zealand) 10/5/2004

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