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Compilation Francaise Vol. 1 - Le Kiosque Aux Chansons
Compilation Francaise
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Product Reviews By User

Constant Energy Struggles Ces Cru
Constant Energy Struggles (2013) 5 stars Definitive Album
CD $18.59 Buy It  Details

5 starsHip Hop Saviors
This duo epitomizes what Hip Hop is period. God Bless CES & Strange Music!!!
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 10/16/2013 Verified Buyer

Blade of the Phantom Master: Shin Angyo Onshi Blade of the Phantom Master: Shin Angyo Onshi (2004) 5 stars
DVD $8.49 Buy It  Details

5 starsAnother Hidden gem
The Action & Animation are both top notch. The story is appealing and very much worth a sequel or a short series.
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, Md) 6/14/2010 Verified Buyer

19 Adele
19 (2008) 3.9 stars (Import)
CD $18.39 Buy It  Details

4 starsAbsolutely Fabulous!!!
Ella Fitzgerald would be proud!!
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 5/25/2010

Solo Solo (1996) 4.5 stars Widescreen
DVD Check Availability  Details

4 starsVan Peebles is the man!!
This movie reeks of 90's cheesey Awesomeness.
Submitted by a reviewer (baltimore, md) 1/6/2010 Verified Buyer

Hard Core Lil' Kim
Hard Core (1996) 4.9 stars Top Seller Definitive Album
CD $8.69 Buy It  Details

5 starsQueen Bee for life!
Best take heed folks, always respect the classics. Look at her big, she's doing you proud.
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 4/27/2009 Verified Buyer

Journey to the End of the Night Journey to the End of the Night (2006) 4 stars Widescreen
DVD $8.49 Buy It  Details

4 starsAnother Hidden Gem
To see Brendan Fraser as a bad guy is worth the price alone. The script isn't oscar worthy by any means but it is indeed very entertaining, and a welcome change to the stuff Hollywood has stuffed down our throats.
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 1/26/2009 Verified Buyer

Machine Girl Machine Girl (2007) 4.5 stars
DVD $14.19 Buy It  Details

5 starsMind Numbing, Violent, Gorefest!!!
Absolutely loved it!! It's not going to win any academy awards, but it'll sure as hell entertain you for 96mins. For those looking for something just to laugh at & enjoy look no further than this. This is right up the alley for those who are Troma film fans. It's a girl with a Machine gun for an arm people....WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE ABOUT THIS?!?
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 6/16/2008 Verified Buyer

Travel At Your Own Pace Y Society
Travel At Your Own Pace (2007) 4.3 stars
CD $13.15 Buy It  Details

5 starsYou Can Feel The Love Here.....
Just Pure Beats, and Solid Rhymes. Beats here can very well Rival those of J-dilla or even Kanye. Just sit back and enjoy real music; straight like that.
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 4/28/2008 Verified Buyer

Iller Than Theirs Iller Than Theirs
Iller Than Theirs (2007) 3 stars
CD Check Availability  Details

3 starsShould be 3 1/2....
These guys just love hip-hop, they take you back to when it was just about beats, rhymes, and pure fun.
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 3/24/2008

4th Dimension Rocketships Going Up Gift Of Gab
4th Dimension Rocketships Going Up (2004) 5 stars
CD $16.09 Buy It  Details
MP3 $10.89 Buy It  Details

5 starsTrue Hip-Hop
Feel Good Hip-Hop at it's finest. Gift of Gab is a silent assassin on the mic; a True MC indeed. Give this man his due...plain and simple.
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 1/29/2008

Black Sheep Black Sheep (2007) 4.4 stars Widescreen
DVD $10.99 Buy It  Details

5 starsIt's great fun!!!
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 11/26/2007

Downtown the World Critical Bill
Downtown the World (2007) 4.5 stars
CD $10.39 Buy It  Details
MP3 $9.99 Buy It  Details

4 starsI was impressed.
Only fans of Tech N9NE and Strange Music would know about Critical Bill they are the first Rock group signed to Strange. After hearing 2 tracks from Tech's Album I immediately bought this. These guys have serious potential to blow up really big. Rocking the "F" out...but Gangsta!!! Give them a chance.
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 10/10/2007 Verified Buyer

Spider-Man: Friend or Foe Spider-Man: Friend or Foe 5 stars Screenshots
Playstation 2 Check Availability  Details

5 starsAbsolute Fun...Great for Kids
This game is just pure unadulterated fun. Parents if you're looking to give your children a fighting game that's not super violent and they love Spider-man this is perfect. The best analogy I have for this is this "Imaging the Makers of Crash Bandicoot putting together a Spider-man game". Those of you who have and enjoyed Marvel Alliance; this game plays exactly like that but instead it's more of a cartoonish feel and you only control 2 characters at a time, one always being of course spider-man.
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 10/9/2007 Verified Buyer

Bunker Bunker (2001) 3.5 stars Widescreen
DVD Check Availability  Details

2 starsNot Terrible....Just Empty
You ever watch a film where you know you didn't absolutely hate it, yet it left you feeling like something was missing? This is that kind of film. Actors were ok, and the plot was so-so, the director just made it a bit too bland. More of a C movie than a B movie. It deserves an honest 2 1/2, because it does keep you interested.
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 9/24/2007 Verified Buyer

UKM: Ultimate Killing Machine UKM: Ultimate Killing Machine (2006) 3 stars Widescreen
DVD $8.49 Buy It  Details

3 starsEntertaining...
The film lacks serious depth. But I still found it enjoyable to watch. Definitely one to throw in and watch with friends looking for new material. And the ending...well I liked it; other folk not so much.
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 9/24/2007 Verified Buyer

Up Pops the Sac Starving Artist Crew
Up Pops the Sac (2004) 4.5 stars
CD Check Availability  Details

4 starsThis is for the Back-Packer Crowd
Solid Rhymes, Decent Production. Just real Boom-Bap, feel good music. I'd pay to see them perform live. I only give 4 stars because there are a couple of songs where they get bullied by their beats, so it makes the track sound akward. But the overall product is Very Good.
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 9/12/2007 Verified Buyer

Feast Or Famine Reef The Lost Cauze
Feast Or Famine (2005) 4.3 stars
CD Check Availability  Details

4 starsBeware of the Cauze
The only reason lil Wayne is being considered the top MC right now is only because the Cauze hasn't gotten to him!! Reef is exactly what the game has been missing!!! The only reason I give 4 stars is because of certain beats...and only beats. Lyrically...the Cauze is a Dynamo!!!
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 6/8/2007

Art Of One Mind Symbolyc One
Art Of One Mind (2005) 4.3 stars (Import) United Kingdom
CD Check Availability  Details

5 starsLove it!!! Plain and Simple.
I've listened to this 3x alone in my crib and I just can't find it. I can't find one flaw, which is a major plus in my opinion!! I can only hope that these gentlemen get serious dollars off of this, because it's definitely worth very penny. If I was an artist, I'd go to them before going to Kanye, most definitely.
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 3/19/2007 Verified Buyer

God of War II God of War II 4.7 stars Screenshots
Playstation 2 Check Availability  Details

5 starsGAME OF THE YEAR!!!
For those that loved the 1st installment, this one makes that look like pure SH#T!!! And this is coming from someone that loved the 1st God of War. The puzzles are no joke here folks, even with a strat guide you'll have a difficult time. The controls are still as smooth as ever and the new combo system is wicked!! Definitely a game to add to your collection. So just go on and add it to your cart already!!!!!
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD 21207) 3/19/2007

Black Dialogue Perceptionists
Black Dialogue (2005) 4 stars Definitive Album
CD $15.45 Buy It  Details

3 starsNot Bad at all
The hype just wasn't lived up to. I expected the production to be straight up fire and it wasn't. I felt the warmth ya know, but just wasn't set ablaze. Lyrics tight as always, they delivered on that end. You can tell that they were just having fun doing this album. I'm not angry I bought it at all, it's still worth a few rotations from time to time.
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 3/1/2007

11:14 11:14 (2003) 2.8 stars Widescreen; Subtitled; DTS Sound
DVD $8.49 Buy It  Details

4 starsVery Refreshing...definitely ownable.
For a 1st time director, I thought the film was pretty darn good. Granted the camera work could've been a wee bit more crisp but that's my only complaint. I thought all the actors/actresses were great in their respect rolls, and gave the film that suspensful edge that the film required.
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 2/11/2007

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (1975) 4.7 stars Top Seller
DVD $8.49 Buy It  Details

5 starsDoesn't get any better
There lies much untapped knowledge within this cartoon. Great for younger folks; it's too bad they don't make them like this anymore. I highly recommend this DVD.
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 12/24/2006 Verified Buyer

Brick Brick (2006) 4 stars Widescreen
DVD $8.49 Buy It  Details

4 starsFantastic
This is a certified Roller Coaster Ride for the mind. One of the best mysteries I've seen in a long time.
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 12/19/2006

Same !@#$ Different Day Lyrics Born
Same !@#$ Different Day (2005) 3.5 stars Definitive Album Bonus DVD
CD $13.65 Buy It  Details
MP3 $10.89 Buy It  Details

3 starsMoney Well Spent
Fantastic, one of the best kept secrets in Hip-Hop today. All I can say is that Lyrics aren't made, or written down; they're just BORN!
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 10/15/2006 Verified Buyer

Big Beautiful Sky Venus Hum
Big Beautiful Sky (2003) 5 stars Enhanced CD
CD $10.25 Buy It  Details
MP3 $9.99 Buy It  Details

5 starsPhenominal...Absolutely....Phenominal!!
On the strength of their apperance with the Blue man Group during the tour of the "Complex" album I had to look for their stuff. And by god I was not disappointed at all!! Fantastic production, excellent vocals, just feel good music. You're vibes will be full of positivity after letting this CD spin for sure!
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 9/26/2006 Verified Buyer

Boo Boo (2005) 4.3 stars
DVD Check Availability  Details

3 starsWith open arms...I accept thee
This was a very welcomed change compared to the crap Horror that's been peddled around in the mainstream circles lately. Good scares, excellent storyline, semi-decent actors, above average gore. Very well rounded, not a bad buy at all. 10x better than Hostel!!
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 1/30/2006 Verified Buyer

Flyleaf Flyleaf
Flyleaf (2005) 4.3 stars
CD Check Availability  Details

5 starsTOP NOTCH!!!
After seeing this band live here in Baltimore on Friday night, I'm all over their CD!! Her vocals are phenominal, almost as strong as Lacuna Coil's Lead singer. And right after their set, she came down to the merch booth to sign autographs, take pictures, and help sell her product. Anyone with that much heart, is alright in my eyes. This is a must have album, breakout band of the!!!
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 12/11/2005

I'll Bury You Tomorrow I'll Bury You Tomorrow (2002) 3.3 stars
DVD $15.29 Buy It  Details

4 starsextremely under rated
This film is cult status written all over it. I've read an extensive article on the entire team behind this film and after watching it...all I could to was stand an applaud. If any of you liked devils rejects...this here is definately worth a viewing.
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 10/7/2005

Anghellic Tech N9ne
Anghellic (2001) 4.7 stars
CD $12.63 Buy It  Details Ships Today! 
MP3 $9.99 Buy It  Details

5 starsN9NE!!! N9NE!!! N9NE!!!
First there was God Then came Jesus Finally there was.....TECH N9NE!!!!!!
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 5/5/2005 Verified Buyer

Vintage Tech Tech N9ne
Vintage Tech (2005) 4.6 stars
CD $16.45 Buy It  Details

I'm an eastcoast cat and I'll be the first to admit I knew nothing of the n9ne until I read about him in murder dog magazine after that I coped absolute power, from there on I was hooked!! Tech has this rap game on lock down, it's hard to believe that he calls this vintage when it's all so!! This was beyond hard!! Now I'm Everready for the Religion!!! I await the day he's given his due!! STRANGE MUSIC FOR LIFE!!!
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 5/5/2005 Verified Buyer

Still In Tha Game King Terra
Still In Tha Game (2004) 3 stars
CD Check Availability  Details

3 starsBangin but needs work.
This wasn't a bad buy at all. If your down with other south cats like three-six, BG, TI, then Terra is right up your alley. King definately got flow, he's very angry and has alot to say. The only thing that could be worked on is his production...just a little. Other than that it's definately all good. King is most definately on the come-up. I have no regrets for getting this at all & have every intention on coping his 2nd joint; whenever that is.
Submitted by a reviewer (Baltimore, MD) 5/5/2005 Verified Buyer

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